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051517HWW-SpiritualGrowth.mp3  Did you know you can have spiritual symbiotic (good) or parasitic (bad) growth?  Take a minute and find out!

051617HWW-Immucleanse.mp3  Your Body filters need cleaning just like your car or AC

051717HWW-CleansingBodyPollution.mp3  Body Pollution can rob you of Energy

051817HWW-CleansingAndDetox.mp3  Your Body needs an Internal Bath to clean out unwanted Waste

051917HWW-ToxinBuildup.mp3  Toxins can build up when not removed from the Body.


052217HWW-AloeCapeCleansing.mp3  A special form of Aloe you need to know about!

052317HWW-AbdominalPain.mp3  Do you know the many forms of Abdominal Pain in plain English?

052417HWW-ChronicInflammation.mp3  Chronic Inflammation is bad and needs to be shut down. How?

052517HWW-MucosalImmunology.mp3  Mucosal Immunology involves 70%+ of your Immune Cells. Where & What is It?

052617HWW-BeingSafeAndGRAS.mp3  Is being Safe always good?  For food - yes.  for Successful Living - maybe not.


052917HWW-MemorialDay.mp3  Always to Remember our Heroes - Never to Forget the Sacrifice






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Frank: "Frankly speaking, It amazes me scientific research today with immunotherapy and almost daily announcements acts like your body's immune response as your health-shield for ALL that seeks to harm you is something new and revolutionary.

Folks, the human body was created at the birth of humanity and you at your birth with 1/5 of your body - 20 trillion cells - as immune cells in a complex health defense system!  My God, that Great Physician, was and is amazing!"


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Upcoming National TV Doug Kaufmann / Frank Jordan Interviews on "Know the  Cause"

Find where to watch Frank and Doug in your location and zip code at  Doug Kaufmann's "Know the  Cause." 

Be sure and also watch the NSC Health Minute with Frank Jordan in the A and B segments of the show each weekday and "That's My Take" by Doug Kaufmann - both sponsored by NSC IMMUNITION Products. 

Segment A of 30 minutes presents a 5 minute interview, while Segment B, also 30 minutes in duration, is an extended interview of 12-15 minutes. 


See Frank Jordan on Know the Cause discussing BioTerrorism and the NSC BioDefense Package in this Bioterrorism Interview with Doug Kaufmann:



May 2017 Frank Jordan Interview Schedule with Doug Kaufmann for "KNOW THE CAUSE"


Monday, 5/1/17 - A Show

Wednesday, 5/10/17 - A Show

Friday, 5/12/17 - B Show

Tuesday, 5/16/17 - B Show

Thursday, 5/18/17 - A Show

Tuesday, 5/23/17 - A Show

Friday, 5/26/17 - B Show

Wednesday, 5/31/17 - B Show


June 2017 Frank Jordan Interview Schedule with Doug Kaufmann for "KNOW THE CAUSE"


Monday    6/5/17     A Show

Wednesday    6/7/17    B Show

Monday    6/12/17    B Show

Wednesday    6/14/17    A Show

Tuesday    6/20/17    A Show

Thursday    6/22/17    B Show

Tuesday    6/27/17    B Show

Thursday    6/29/17    A Show   


All "Know the Cause" Shows are 30 minutes and all have an NSC Minute with Frank Jordan on a different health subject each weekday.

Different channels show either the "A" or "B" Show and each is a different Show with different topics and information.

"A" Shows have a 5 minute interview while "B" Shows have an extended 12 minute interview.

Subject to Change without Notice




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Frank Jordan Commentaries on various Joint and Tissue Issues you will enjoy and from which you can learn more:

072715HWW-JointAndTissueHealth.mp3 , 072114HWW-JointTissue.mp3, 081513HWW-Arthritis.mp3, 081613HWW-CopingWithArthritis.mp3

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