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Doug Kaufmann - National Health Expert

Doug Kaufmann, health media host and commentator, nutritional researcher and author,  joins Frank Jordan in a reunion of the original  broadcast team on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, with HWW now having broadcast more than 3,500 shows and commentaries.  

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This health care duo has worked together in radio and TV for almost two decades, bringing health information and advice to millions of listeners and viewers nationwide.  Doug now produces and host his national TV show "Know the Cause," with Frank Jordan often a guest with more information at .

Doug's health career began when he was chosen to go through medical corps school in 1969 and in late 1970 was sent to Vietnam where he was attached to The Seventh Marine Division as a Navy hospital corpman.  Kaufmann earned such combat decorations as the Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry and the Vietnam Service Medal with a Bronze Star.

Following his honorable discharge, Kaufmann became certified by the American Society of Allergy Technicians (ASAT) and worked in the allergy and immunology field with a Los Angeles allergist.  After further education, Doug realized that food was either a potent allergen that caused serious disease, or conversely, a natural form of treatment for autoimmune diseases, a premise now confirmed in scientific literature.

In 1979, Doug opened Physicians Laboratories, Inc. in Los Angeles.  The laboratory was involved in food and fungal research.  The first ELISA tests for food allergy were created in this laboratory. Doug, through his research, became convinced that many diseases, when treated as fungal infections, would respond favorably to dietary changes and antifungal drugs.

Doug published The Food Sensitivity Diet in 1984, The Fungus Link in 2000, The Germ that Causes Cancer in 2002, Infectious Diabetes in 2003, each with an alternative viewpoint. In 1999, Doug joined Frank Jordan on the first show of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise on radio in Los Angeles, California.  Frank and Doug continued as Co-Host for an extended period, making numerous public appearances together. 

Doug Kaufmann is also a nationally recognized author, lecturer, television and radio host with more than 30 years experience in health media with recent books "Maximum Fertility" and "What Makes Bread Rise" with all his books available by calling 972-772-0990.  The Fungus Link is now a classic in its field with more than 100,000 copies sold. Doug maintains and educates, based on his nutritional research and experience, that most of today's health problems can be traced to fungus and resulting mycotoxins. 

See Frank Jordan and Doug Kaufmann Weekdays on National Television on Doug Kaufmann's "Know the Cause!"

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 Read Doug's Newest Books: 

The Fungus Link to Health Problems and

Cooking Your Way to Good Health Cook Book



Frank Jordan joins Doug Kaufmann each weekday on the "Health Minute" plus multiple Interviews weekly on Doug's Nationally Televised Series, "Know the Cause"

Health Specialties:

  • Internationally recognized Expert in Nutrition Science                                           

  • A best selling Health Author Educating on Fungus, Molds and Mycotoxins

  • A Nationally sought-after Speaker on Health 

  • National Health Media Personality with the "Know the Cause" Television Show

Personal Appearances:  To be announced at

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