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John David Young MD, MPA, BA, ACLS - A Physician and Teacher

Dr. John Young MD is Medical Director of the Foundational Health Center located in Seminole, Florida (Tel 727-545-4600 for clinic or 800-396-9024 for product info; Fax 727-545-4611 or  ) in the Tampa/St. Petersburg metropolitan area. An accomplished doctor in many areas, Dr. Young is also certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).  The Foundational Health Center provides family care, chronic wound care, plus care for peripheral neuropathy and diabetes education and is located at 9990 E. Gulf St. in Seminole, FL 33776.


Dr. Young was formerly an Emergency Room physician with 10,000 plus hours in civilian and military hospitals throughout the United States working with medically and trauma centered ER's averaging 40,000 visits a year.  In academia, Dr. Young has taught as Asst. Professor, Clinical Medicine at Marshall University School of Medicine, Division of the University of West Virginia. 


His diverse experience also includes serving a a Ship's surgeon for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and a Chief Medical Officer.  Internationally, Dr. Young has served as an emergency physician and supervised a pediatric burn unit in South Africa while also having worked under the supervision of the United Nations in refuge hospitals along the Thailand-Kampuchea border.  Dr. Young also was personally responsible for creation of a program still in operation in the Dominican Republic which sends medical students into local villages to provide basic health care.


Medical Specialties:

  • Internationally recognized Doctor in Conventional and Natural Medicine                              

  • Medical Director of the Foundational Health Center in Seminole, Florida

  • Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

  • Former Emergency Room Physician in civilian and military hospitals

  • International medical accomplishments in Thailand, South Africa and Dominican Republic

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